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First-Time Home Buyers Guide: Part 9 of 15

Find This First

Many buyers are more concerned about finding the perfect house than finding the best real estate agent to work with.

They figure they know what they’re looking for and that they’ll know it when they find it. (Especially nowadays since it’s so easy to search for houses online.) And once they find the perfect house, they’ll make an offer, negotiate back and forth a little bit, and sign some papers. What does an agent really even do, anyway?

Lots. More. Than. Most. People. Realize.

Coming from a real estate agent, I know that probably sounds pretty self-serving. But it’s the truth. Also, while every agent does more than most consumers think, not every agent is the best real estate agent to work with. Some are better than others.

Considering that you don’t have to directly pay whichever agent represents you as a buyer on the house you buy (since the seller pays the commission), you might as well choose the best agent someone else’s money can buy!

While finding your dream house may be easier in some ways nowadays, a great agent can help to make sure you find the best home for your wants and needs... and help you get it for the best possible price.

So, make sure you find an agent who:

  • Listens to your wants and needs
  • Responds readily and doesn’t disappear for days on end
  • Knows the industry inside and out and isn’t just a tour guide and door opener
  • Is a strong negotiator
  • Knows how to analyze and explain the market and house values to you
  • Can manage other people well (there are a lot of people involved in a purchase, and people can fail to do what they’re supposed to)
  • Helps you avoid issues and problems... but can put out fires when necessary and not lose their cool
  • Is focused on your needs more than their commission check

The point is, put as much thought on finding the best agent as you put on the house you want to buy.

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