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First-Time Home Buyers Guide: Part 7 of 15 

As Seen On TV

You know what’d be an awesome real estate reality show? One that shows the buyers’ parents swooping in at the last minute and convincing them not to buy their dream home! Not sure if I’d watch it, though, because watching any real estate reality show as an agent can be pretty aggravating…

Virtually every real estate show you see on TV paints a pretty picture — a pretty inaccurate one!

Real estate agents know this because they live and breathe this business day in and day out. But, for many buyers, it’s like learning that professional wrestling isn’t “real” and that the wrestlers on TV are faking it. Although buyers kind of know that it can’t be as simple as they see on TV, they’re often still surprised at how different it is to actually look for, and buy, a home vs. what is depicted on TV.

Not that there’s anything wrong with watching and enjoying those shows. They can be fun to watch. Just don’t take any of it as a “how-to” because they’re probably more of a how-not-to at times. The home-buying process, as well as the housing market itself, vary greatly from one area of the country to another and even on a regional level.

That said, there’s one thing that’s pretty universal: No buyer ever went out and saw three houses, then went and had a drink and some appetizers because they had a “lot to think about and talk over,” and then came to a decision on which of the three houses was right for them. Oh, and then made an offer, got it accepted, closed and moved in — all without a hitch.

That’s not how it works. That’s not how any of this works...

So feel free to binge watch away, but always remember that what happens on TV... stays on TV.

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